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BARIHO D:防水系列 D series waterproof
P:两针半:防水/Special movt:water proof
N:女装:防水:真皮/N:LADY:WATER PFOOF:Genuine leather
H:钢、胶日历表 H model metal、rubber watch with date
A.B.C.R:皮带 The belt
A.B.C.R:钢、皮带 Steel、leather belt
M:防水系列 M series water proof spin back watch
E:防水系列 E series water proof
V.W防水钢、皮带系列Water proof steel、leather belt watch
K:经典钢皮带系列classic steel and leather belt K series
F:真陶瓷 True porcelain
网带 Mesh belt
T:仿陶瓷 Imitation ceramic

FIRPEC 情侣 couples
运动 movement

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机芯类型The movement type:石英表quartz watch
手表种类Watch type: 单庄表single watch
手表风格Watch style:潮流时尚fashion
表带材料Watch band material:硅胶rubber

显示类型Display type: 指针pointer

推出时间Show time: 2016
颜色分类Color: 黑色black.白色white.玫金Rose gold.蓝blue.黄金gold.大红red.

表盘形状Dial shape: 圆型circular

成色Goods: 全新 new
防水About water proof: 生活防水water resistant
表扣Watch button: 针扣Pin buckle

表底Watch back: 普通ordinary
表冠handles: 普通ordinary
【备注】:电池无电不属质量问题,请您自已换电池。生活防水是指防飞溅,并不适合长时间在水里泡或洗浴,特别是需要远离热水和水蒸气。【 note 】 : the battery without electricity are not of the quality problem, please your own battery changes. Water resistant refers to prevent splash, is not for a long time in the water bubble or bathing, especially the need to stay away from hot water and steam.

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